You really like the paintings displayed, but need yours in a specific size to fit your room or in a shade of color that goes with your furniture?  You want one of the bracelets, but much longer to wrap it around your wrist five times? No problem! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any special wishes about other products. Just send me an email with your full address and a clear description of how your product should look like. You will get an offer. The product will be produced against prior payment.





You'd like to have a bracelet especially made for you? Just tell me which of the models displayed you wish in which length.




Do you like the style you see here? Would you like to have your flat or office furnished and decorated that way, but are better at doing other things? Contact me, if you'd like an interior design consulting.




Send me an email if you wish to order a painting. I need information about the shade of color and phrase as well as the length and width.




You are looking for the perfect gift? Sometimes it is best, to let the person in favour choose by herself. You decide about the value of the voucher and if you want a fitting gift-envelope as well. Make your favourite-ribbon-colour-availability-check on request.


gift-envelope 7 CHF

interior design consulting, interior fitting, interior design


vouchers for stylish accessoires, handmade in Switzerland